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First of all I wan to say CONGRATS!!! Olyvia for win the Finesmith Final Challenge, great work :)))
And also congrats to all the amazing models who participated :)
Special thanks to all who voted for me, you don't know what means that, saw a lot of friends supporting me, is the best reward, thank you all :)))

Now back to work and presenting you the latest info from our super fav designer Finesmith.

This is a very nice set inspired in Mimmi Boa.
Delicate flowers are the nice detail of this set, different colors to choose,
and the set includes:
Earrings, Bracelet, Necklace & Head piece.

Berry Blossom Sets
One of my favs, but is hard because I loveeee all that yula creates, but this sets are stunning.
The set includes Necklace, Head piece, face ornament and Earrings.
Different colors to choose.

This is a must have if you will get married, is a different kind of Jewel that Brides normally wear.
Will make you look more wonderful that special day :)

The nice group gifts:
Florentine-Flower Hair ornament

The gift for the group is the Necklace, Neon Flower

The Lotus Jewel, for head, also is available at the store tu buy.

Will be more posts today, 55L and Fan Shopping Limited, not miss them :)

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