Topaz by Finesmith

The latest release from Finesmith is Topaz, is just gorgeous.

Yesterday yula Finesmith realeased this set, here's what she sayd:
"The set that is special for me
it is dedicated to my Friend Topaz Joubert who supported me since the day we met. 
Friend who made me laugh my heart out and cry to pieces too:) the most True woman you cant ignore her beauty!!.
*for you TOPAZ:D i love you with all my heart"

So sweet from you yula :)

 This set on 50% off in Fan Limited Store and will be 30 pieces only.

The set includes:
 Necklace, Earrings, Corset and Headpiece
The set have 12 metal textures change, 12 gems change,8 color change, control shine, glow alpha, resize all in one script only, and of course kill script option.

Your Limo to Finesmith Mainstore to check all the nice things that yula have for you :)