Finesmith Hunt & Contest

Finesmith will hold STYLING Contest from Hunt items

In the end of the hunt, first week of July we will hold a styling contest. (specifics will be given before the end of the month)
You will use items from the hunt and add any items from other designers to it.
The theme will be 'color Me Finesmith' at least one item from the hunt should be in colors, (not silver gold or bronze)
You will need to Dazzle the Judges with your Creativity using the items from the hunt.

1st place- 5000L$ + 1000L GC in Finesmith store
2nd place - 2000L$ + 1000L GC in Finesmith store
3rd Place- 1000L$ + 1000L GC in Finesmith store

Melting Hat, Chest piece, Corset and Skirt.

Want the hints?
There you go :)

Hint: Its not funky or retro and its not in front.. 

Hint: Red and blue mix together so beautifully in the sky...

Hint:  2 powerhouse creators together!  

Four models dancing, 3 bracelets jingling, 2 rings shining....

Hint:  Do I need to spell it out for you? Its not y-o-u, its..

Hint: Its' Lovely how these Eyes can see a whole collection!

Hint:  Was it her violet eyes? You have to go here and find out.

Hint: Kitty races! Go go!

Hint:  Beyond stunning but still it is...couture

Hint: Its not Elle and its not Cosmo but it is fashion!

Its not Thursday can still luck out!

Hint: Dont rub this after a big meal!

Hint:  Ohh Think Pink, its not a secret anymore..

Hint: Japanese beauty...Delicate and soft..

Hint:  Its not real..but its not fake..

Look up! Is it Rissa? Yula? or is it Ali?...hmm...

Hint:  Be careful..they are fragile..

Hint:  Neither rain nor sleet nor snow will stop you from finding ?
this item!

Hint:  Those darn Foxes always up to or under something...

Hint:  There is no Limit to how far a tush can go!

Hint:  Whats next to the desert?  The Ocean? An oasis?

Your Limo to Finesmith