Chanel by Elisea Carter

Just glamour is showed in the newest release from Elise Carter
An elegant outfit with a sexy fur jacket in a high V-cut and rich textures, a belt and a mid length skirt, mat it with the hat and the shoes and you are ready to impress.
"Chanel" Black Outfit
"Chanel" Black Shoes

"Chanel" Black Outfit
"Chanel" Black Hat

In this styling, the hair is included with the hat and take a look to the gorgeous collar.
"Chanel" Black Outfit
"Chanel hat black" hair blonde cream
"Chanel Collar black" Elisea Carter

The other release is CAMILLA
Wool separates, skirt, sweater, hat and scarf to mix&match.

"Camilla Hat blu" Elisea Carter
"Camilla Skirt blu" Elisea Carter
"Camilla Sweater blu" Elisea Carter
"Camilla Sweater blu" Elisea Carter

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