DK News & 55L Sale

DK DESIGNS is taking part in the promo FIFTY5 THURSDAYS, offering 4 discounted items at price of 55L each. 
The items are a new color of every outfit of the new DK Night Colletion.

"Tania night black"
"Seduction night blue"
"Rihanna night Pink"
"Rebecca night in Red"

"Rihanna night Pink"

The new "night collection" of DK is based in some DK dresses that already exists and DK turn them into formal wear.

Long skirts with soft movement, sensual transparencies... Now you also can wear your fav DK outfits in your special nights!

DK Rihanna Night Turquoise

DK Rebecca Night Green

6 colors available for each outfit, go to the store and take a look.

Your Limo to DK