Finesmith Contest

Finesmith Jewelry is proud to announce its first Flickr contest open for Finesmith clients ONLY: 
the Finesmith FANCY DIAMOND. 

To show you that SL Fashion is for everyone, Finesmith decided to create a competition just for you, our loyal customer.

** How does this contest work?

- You have to wear at LEAST 3 items from Finesmith's most recent designs (from the past 4 months) and style it to your liking. There is no theme, just use your creativity! Then you take a picture (or have it taken by a photographer, this is up to you) and post it on Finesmith's flickr group:

- Join the Finesmith Jewelry group in-world:


- Please name your submission picture "Fancy Diamond - YOUR NAME" 

- Remember that the focal point of your picture is the jewellery, use your imagination to make it stand out, remember you are allowed to think outside the box.

- Only ONE submission per contestant

P R I Z E S 

There will be a single winner and he/she gets:

- L$10.000 cash prize
- L$10.000 gift certificate to shop at Finesmith Jewelry
- An inspiration set made for you and named after you (in January)
- The title of "Fancy Diamond"

** Deadline for submissions: December 8th 2011
** Announcing the winner: December 11th during Finesmith Muse 2012 finals


**** No Finesmith staff allowed! This is for customers only
**** No group gifts/freebies allowed, you can only use the most recent collections (Inspiration sets are allowed)
**** Only ONE submission per person
**** Prizes are not transferable
**** All decisions are final, after the winner is announced he/she is declared "Fancy Diamond" 

Good luck and have fun styling!

For further information please contact:
Catlyn Sahara or Anigma Eulenberg