Babel by Azoury

Tomorrow 24th will be released the new outfit form Azoury.

Mini skirt in bright colors, fitted jacket with a deep V-cut,
ruffles in the arms, shoulder pads,
long stockings and an interesting
boot to match with scorpions in the heels,
that all is

AZOURY - Le Collant BABEL Noir  et Orange
AZOURY - La Veste BABEL Verte
AZOURY - La Jupe BABEL Fushia


AZOURY - La Jupe BABEL Creme
AZOURY - La Veste BABEL Bleu
AZOURY - Le Collant BABEL Noir  et Bleu

AZOURY - Les Bottines BABEL Bleu

A lot of colors to choose for the Jacket, skirt, socks and shoes.
Make you own combination and be unique!
And remember when are new releases, they are discounted for 2 days.
 Your Limo to Azoury 

Styling Card:
Hair by Vanity and Exile
MakeUp by BlackLiquid