Vendetta by Vero Modero

This new release from Bouquet Babii is super special for me, when I saw it in the new releases I like it a lot, and noticed that the name of the set is Vendetta, and I thought oh cool, is like my last name, coincidence :), I was asked to blog the new releases and I choose it because I like the design and the color.
After that, Fuzz told me that is named after me!!! I was like huh???? after me???, and yesssss it isssss, I'm soooo honored and happy, and OMG, because just once I have a release named after me, the Lua Nails in Fiensmith, because I won a challenge, and I was super excited for that, I love my nails, but now, receiving this pleasant surprise from Vero is such a great honor and makes me smile all day :)))), always when I saw designs named after models for being an inspiration for the designers, makes me feel like, wish I would do that one day :), and he I'm in another amazing brand, with my name on it :)
Thank you soooo much to all the Vero Modero team, that always is so nice and kind with me, and for you Bouquet for all, always :)))

And now the post :)

The Vendetta Set is a nice casual outfit, you can wear it all together, looks super chic,
and you can wear the skirt alone or the pants or both, looks cool in all ways.

The Top is a shirt with a nice pattern and rich texture, 
matching the belt in the mini skirt.

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Your Limo to Vero Modero