Maggie by My Precious

My Precious was proud to be one of the participants to AVENUE's Mesh Fair. 
The first mesh items have arrived at the mainstore now.

One of the sets is discounted for My Precious VIP members. 
Please wear the tag and get the discount. 
You're reminded that store credit cannot be used to buy this discount item. 
Discount til 19 March midnight. 
Please try the demo before you buy. 

 Agnes Maggie Teal (Mesh)

When is about Mesh outfits (not accesories) I'm a little worried,
because you always need to adjust your shape to fit well the mesh outfit.
But in Maggie pants, I love that at least for my shape I not need to adjust anything,
fitted perfectly, this not happens always and you need to make a few changes.
The pant have good textures and cute details of sparkles if you like to use it
in a diff way.  The shirt is like always the watermark of Agnes, soft lace in semi-transparent fabrics.

Agnes Maggie Violet (Mesh)
Your Limo to My Precious