Introducing Bubble's Designs

I'm happy today because I starting to blog for another super brand in SL
Bubbles Design, from the lovely owner and designer Bubble Cyberstar.
 I enjoyed a lot doing the pics because one of them is a puppet, and once I did a pic that I loved just for fun, and now recreated again for this outfit.

Puppet outfit includes; dress, leggings and even makeup.
Makeup puppet by bubble cyberstar
Bubble PUPPET outfit

Now in a romantic mood, this elegant gown.
ROMANTIC is a stunning gown filled with details, lace fabrics,
satin textures, gorgeous flowers, glowes, long tail skirt and the nice detail at the chest.

 ROMANTIC gown by Bubble's Designs

Your Limo To Bubble's store

Styling Card: 
*SoliDea FoliEs* Doll Wool Hair
blackLiquid SHOE - Ultra Platform - Aztec Turquoise
blackLiquid MAKEUP  - champagne glitter shaddow
blackLiquid MAKEUP - caramel nude gloss
Fritillaries Choker by ChopZuey