Pretty Bald in Pink

Cancer, sometimes the silent enemy,
others give alerts and still can have time to fight.
Talking a little about different types of cancer, I know our focus this month is Breast Cancer, but I had a few near histories of cancer that touched me, so will talk a little in general.

My daddy passed away 7 years ago with prostate cancer, he never want to go to Dr. because he not want, just because he think that they not know or he thought that he can't have it, but was wrong,
and when he discovered that he have the fatal cancer, was late :( and that devastate all of us.
Dr. say to him, that if he went 1 year before and do the regular check ups, he can live around 15 more years, 15! He never did exams, tests, anything, until the insurance company ask for them, and when he did them, was too late, he not noticed nothing because have no symptoms, just a few months before he did tests, he started to feel some pain but he think that was or bones, or tired, or age, but no.

Why I wrote all this here? Because we can prevent, not always, but in most of the cases we can survive the cancer, prevent it, checking us with Drs., doing our year tests or whatever.

I have a close relative, she had Breast Cancer and survived, she not have her breasts now, but she is alive and happy, she won the battle because was on time.

Another person who won the fight is a lovely lady that I meet in SL, she is an amazing woman, good friend, always in the good mood, and just a few days ago she told me that she won the battle :) her breast is free from cancer, but, she still have to fight for her lung cancer, is harder, but she is a fighter, and amazing soul, she is in good hands and she will do it, I have all my energies in her praying for her and she will do it.

Voce e uma lutadora Lauryn, voce vai ganhar outra vez! :)

Just be conscious, touch, check, and touch again, go to your Dr., do you annual checks, I'll do mine on Friday btw :), not wait to have 30's or 40's just do it on time and not say, oh, I not have time today because need to do grocery (telling these because I heard that in my family grrrrr), just take time for you, a few minutes now, can give you a lot of years of life.

I care about me for me, because I want to live a looooot more years, want to spend all the time that I can with my family, see my little one eyes for a loooong time and have my grand children some day and can take care of them too with health.

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blackLiquid MAKEUP -  just gloss
[sYs] KYRIE make up V1 (pink)
/Wasabi Pills/ Hawk Mesh Hair - Golden
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The "Gina" Necklace
IKON Kaleido Eyes - Dawn