Vero Modero Miss Mutya 2013

 Hi, is hard to explain in words what I feel now and what I feel Saturday afternoon when I read my name in the chat, announcing that I won Miss Mutya 2013.

Sometimes, people think that is easy do modeling in SL and they ask why we are so excited and happy winning a contest or a casting in a virtual world?

Well for me at least, and I know a lot of out there too, is not 1 day work, or just luck, is more than that, I have 2 years in the modeling world with ups and downs, feeling amazing one day and positive, and feeling down other day because was rejected in a casting, for example.

Won the Miss Mutya, is an effort for around 1 year, since I modeled for the first time for Vero Modero I loved the brand and always want to be part of it.  I did a few shows for VM with agencies were I belong, I start to blog the brand, I love to be around wearing my Vero outfits, I use Vero in a lot of occasions and I feeling comfortable wearing them.
Most important I want to be part of the team, the family that is Vero Modero because they are people who care, who love what they do and have the best heart, and now I'm part of the family, YAY!

I need to say thank you to all who supported me in this journey, to all who helped me during this 2 modeling years to reach my goals, all who instructed me, gave me advice, was with me in good and bad moments, in my ups and downs, all who is part of my history in SL.

For this special event, Miss Mutya I need to say thank you to;

*Dolce Panache, I had a lot of amazing instructors in my modeling career, all marked me and teach me all that I know today, but one was special, because she made me believe in myself, be confident, select the right poses, and that person is you Dolce, thank you from my heart for all that you did for me, this crown is yours too :)
*Magissa Denver who made my pics to enter the contest :) and did the gorgeous pic that I posted today.

***Vero Modero Team***
*Bouquet Babii who is the heart and soul of Vero Modero, who always is there with a smile, good mood, helpful, kind lady, she was just impeccable when she did my dress for the MMV, she is a woman who deserves all because she is just amazing.

*Fuzz Lennie, always there to help and solve anyyyy issue, thank you for the unconditional support, you're the best xx

*Zepher Zerbino and Maia McKeenan, 2 girls that just rocks :)

*Cacilia Requiem, did her job coordinating, helped and supported us, like no one else xx

*Aisha Denimore, what a girl!, have no words to describe her mood and her support,
a fantastic girl who deserve to be were she is, thank you for always be there xx

*Nice Wildrose, Miss Mutya 2012, a model who I always admired since I saw her for the first time, thank you for your advice and support :) 
I'll do my best to be an amazing Miss Mutya like you xx

*Rex Requiem and Mhik Menna Eire, amazing photographers, always ready to do the perfect shoot :)

*Audrey Muse Cresci thank you for give me forces when I was a little down and for sponsor the event :)
*June Fall, thank you for your advices.

*To all the judges who trusted in my and give me the chance to show who I'm and what I can do, thank you all for choose me and let me go true to the finals xx

*And last but not less important, to all the girls who have applied, who has walked with me, who was nervous like me, worked hard, to all of you, my respect and good wishes, not all can win, but is not the end, fight for what you want and love, will be rewards for sure, like I say this not was just 1 day or 1 week work :)

*Vero Modero, Pixel Icon, La Casa Del Shai, The Muse Poses, Show Studio SL;
Thank you for made Miss Mutya possible.

***Avenue Team***

*Seashell Dench, thank you for all the help and tips that you gave us, was super helpful, we think that we know a lot, but always we learn something new, Obrigada :)

*Rusch Raymaker, Charriol Ansar, Amazon Silverweb, 
Kryptonia Paperdoll, Annough Lykin, Xandrah Sciavo,
Villemo Inglewood, Absinthe, the announcers, Dj's, all who's helped in any way,
Thank you for the support, the amazing organization, finally I walked in Avenue Runway hehe, was just incredible !

***To the Juries***

blackLiquid Tokyoska
Shena Neox
Eshi Otawara
Kay Fairey
Avenue's own founder & CEO Rusch Raymaker
Miss Vero Modero, Bouquet Babii
Ashia Denimore
Mavi Beck
Nice Wildrose
Avenue COO, Xandra Sciavo

for make my dream come true, for see potential in me, for trust in me, for like me,
for let me fly and became a Mutya (pearl) and go out from the oyster to represent Vero Modero with all the dignity and good taste that this brand represent.

***To the 5 amazing ladies***
Shanty Bookmite, Congrats for your 1st place, you was amazing :)
Nayomi Gartner, Congrats for 2nd runner up, you did an amazing styling :)
Spirit Llewelyn, Wrennoir Cerise & Gueixathayna Resident,
just was super great can share with all of you this experience :) all was fantastic!

***To the Avenue Models***
Carley Benazzi
Laetita Vella
Zaara123 Resident
Chirzaka Vlodovic
Veronica Krasner
Elle Ahren

Was an honor walk the same runway with this amazing professionals.

And the most special thanks to my friends, models and SL family, all who supported me with IM's, messages, FB, sent me NC's, was in IM with me in the semi-finals and finals, was there, all who not let me down, all who tell me that GO FOR IT!, NOT GIVE UP!, all who grew with me like a model, all who is with me since my beginnings, thank you all from my heart! I'm here for all of you and my best treasure is have all you in my SL!
And I discovered that I have a #1 Fan, he knows who he is ;) 
and also have a few more around and that's made me proud and blushing!

And of course can't have the most special people out of this, my 2 little angels, they helped me to check stylings, chooses poses and they do the happy dance with me when I told them that I passed to the finals and when I told them that I won, I love you my babies, my reason to live :)
And to my hubby who tells me, oh you won? is big deal? why you are so happy? LOL
but he always helped me in my SL, supported me and don't care if I go to bed at 5am because I was in a show or rehearsal :) (FYI he spend a looot of time on the net too, so we are even hehe)

Sooo, after all this testament, hope not forgot nobody and if I did I soooo sorry, but too many people to say thank you, I just want to say that the feeling to be Miss Mutya is indescribable, was the most perfect feeling when I saw my name in chat, my heart was popping out waiting for the result, when saw my name just pooped out and need to put it back lol, tears come to my eyes, my hands shacked, can't see keyboard and walk, was speechless, was the most AMAZING feeling ever.

My little advice to all new models, and not so new too, is not give up, I wanted to give up sometimes, but I stop to think, why I'll give up from my dream, for my life, for my passion?, just because someone not like it my stylings?, or was not on the good mood?, or just because?, always will be others who likes you, who understands and knows what you did to be there and all that you spent in time and even in money to be were you are.
Go for it and if is what you like, just DO IT!


Lua Vendetta


  1. Dear Lua,

    Congratulations! You are going to make a fantastic Miss Mutya 2013 - Bouquet and the Vero Modero team is lucky to have to!

    Much love,


    1. Awwww Xandrah thank you so much for saying that means a lot :) And I'm lucky being part of Vero Modero Family will be an amazing year!

  2. Conratulations Lua ! I am very happy to give you my crown and thank you for the wonderful words ! ♥ ♥ ♥
    Nice :)

    1. Thank you sweet Nice :), I'm honored receiving the Crown from you and the words are just a little part of how I feel :) is biggerrrrr :) ♥ ♥ ♥


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