Dolly By Agnes Finney and Halloween Goodie

DOLLY is the new gorgeous outfit from Agnes Finney.
I just felt in love with this one, comes with pant and skirt, 2 different options to wear and you will be sooo elegant in any of them.
The shirt is romantic, in lace with big sleeves and a cute scarf.
Skirt and pant have a high cut to enhance your silhouette.
Nice colors to choose: Mauve, Black, Blue, Green, Royal Blue and Violet.
Dress with style with Dolly.

Agnes Halloween Goodie is just perfect, in Halloween people almost always look for skelletons, witches, ghosts, and all that are super fun, but if you like something different, elegant but still in the halloween mood, take a look for the special Agnes Finney Halloween outfit just for members, 10L :), and just add some hair, skin and you are ready to celebrate.

And take a look to all the goodies at the store, you will get them all for sure :)
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