Halloween Gift @ [sYs]

For Halloween, [sYs] is pleased to announce you a new gift at [sYs] Mainstore:
2 make up & 2 demon eyes
Great to add it to your Halloween Custome.

[sYs] STARDUST - pullover (orange) female
[sYs] DEMON - Halloween make up
[sYs] DEMON - eyes (blue)

[sYs] DEMON - eyes (red)
[sYs] HALLOWEEN  - make up
[sYs] STARDUST - pullover (orange) female

Stardust Pullower Orange Male

The [sYs] Puppet - Dual Skin, the perfect skin for scream for Halloween! (-50% for Halloween, from today to the 1rst at 3PM SLT)
Two versions, one for Halloween scream (Skin dual) and one more pure (Skin pure). There are also 3 make up for the rune, tears & the mouth shut! You can add all that you want, make a mix with the skin pure or being directly the skin dual!

And don't forget the Haunted Mansion Show by Opium Fashion Agency's with [sYs] creations, to discover, or see again! 

Your Broom to [sYs]


  1. Good stuff! Thank you for the heads up! Where did you get the awesome spider web hair? :)

  2. Hi Emerald, Thank you for read and follow my blog :)
    Sure the hair is awesome, and also have a spider, is for Tuki.
    Tukinowaguma Arachne



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