Ponchos, Ponchos and more Ponchos

BOHO HOBO just added a lot of Ponchos to the collection, cool for Fall Season, to use them with a comfy sweater and you are ready to enjoy the season with them, love the textures, looks like real wool and remember that if you buy them you are helping a good cause, RAWA.

BoHo HoBo  embroidered Afghan poncho
BoHo HoBo blue and red Pashtun poncho
BoHo HoBo Pashtun poncho (black)
BoHo Hobo Missoni poncho

Subscriber Gift Black Poncho

Have fun making your mix&match with your fav outfits.

Your Limo to Boho Hobo


  1. could you tell me where the hair is from in the 2nd picture?


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