Be the Cover of Amarelo Manga

It is with great pleasure that [AMARELO MANGA] will be launching their magazine next month.

We invite you all to participate in this new stage of our brand that will complete its third year. We will be holding a competition to elect the "Cover of the Month of August" in our electronic journal publishing and Inworld No. 01.

The competition starts today Day 1 July 2012, taking two steps:

- Step 1: July 10, 2012: The candidate must submit two photos (one headshot and a Full Length) with the following dimensions: 1024 x 1024, inside a folder with "name" using the item: "Set Flapper "(a Beautiful Set of Jewels), by mounting this item from a creative look and should use clothing and accessories store.
"Set Flapper "

Landmark Mainstore:

Note: The folder containing the two photos should be sent to ArturCosta Akina.

- 2nd and Last Step: July 23, 2012 (5 pm SLT): The candidate must submit his composition for the panel of judges who will choose this day the best and most creative style.

- Rules:
The candidate:
- Have at least six months old SL;
- May be of any nationality;
- Not necessarily will need to be a model;
- You can be photographed by a professional and photo manipulation may have light any image editor;
- Bench of Judges:

- Luana Barzane (Ceo / Designer Amarelo Manga)
- ArturCosta Akina (Ceo / Designer Amarelo Manga)
- Lacubana Lisa (Ceo / Beauty Posh , Manager Amarelo Manga)
- Gwen Aloix (Art Director Amarelo Manga]
- Shaili alex (AVENUE Magazine - Senior Writer)
- Tadeu Gartner (Mr. Virtual World 2012 ♛ 3rd Runner up - Mr. Brazil)
- Awards:
The winning candidate will receive the following prizes;

- Cover photo of [AMARELO MANGA] Magazine
- Exclusive interview for the [AM] Magazine
- 5000 Lindens for shopping in the Mainstore (Amarelo Manga Creations)
- A course Beauty Posh  Model Agency.