Stylish summer with [[LD]]

omg I told myself that I'll have a little rest from SL, June was soft, more RL than SL, but this month is just nuts but LOVE it!!!  Need to blog like 20 posts haha, so starting and hope all like them :)

I casted for an upcoming show for [[LD]] the other day and theme was minimalistic casual.
Of course my choice was use all that I can from [[LD]]
and here is my styling,
I like the results and got the job :)

[[LD]] Major: Pikant Mini [Bird] [Ashraya Project]
[[LD]] Cosmetics: Loud Mouth-Lemon
[[LD]] Cosmetics: Combo Shadow-Green & Yellow
[[LD]] Major: Resort Pumps 11
Bruno Ditzie Hair

Vikee is amazing with her unique style in textures for clothes, shoes and makeups
and the edgy hair styles.

Your Limo to [[LD]]

Styling Card:
Nails from BlackLiquid and Bracelet Finesmith