Vero Modero Lua Gown

First of all
HAPPY B-DAY sweet Bouquet :))) <333

Vero Modero released recently the gown that I wore in the final of the MMV2012.
The lovely Bouquet after we talked and I let her now what I would like to wear, created this gorgeous gown, made in soft layers of silky semi-transparent fabrics.
Open at the back with a nice detail in the front,
arm and shoulder pieces to enhance the outfit.

 Vero Modero Lua Gown in Pink

Available in Rose, Red, Aqua, Gold & Purple that was the one that I wore.

Once again Bouquet thank you sooo much for this outstanding gown
that made me proud and made me feel like a goddess in the catwalk wearing it :)

Your Limo to Vero Modero