[sYs] Iggy and Hair Fair 2012

[sYs] launched a new miniiiii sexy mesh cyber dress,
and also [sYs] is launching more hairs and let me tell you, that I just love them.
They are available at the Hair Fair now.
[sYs] IGGY - dress (turquoise blue)
[sYs] ORBITAL hair - Red
[sYs] HOLOTATTOO arm - butterfly (blue)
[sYs] FEDERICA lipstick V1 (blue)
[sYs] Mx - boots
[sYs] YRON - diamond - necklace
[sYs] IGGY Disco Pink Dress
[sYs] JAZY hair Mesh BLACK - Red
[sYs] INQUISITION - boot
[sYs] YRON - spike - bracelet (right) 

[sYs] KYO hair Mesh - Black/Mango
 [sYs] KEIRA make up  V1 (Pink)

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Styling Card:
blackLiquid MAKEUP - black gloss 1
blackLiquid MAKEUP -  vamp NEW and is
available at the I love fashion boutique from today