Can you say "RAWR?" ....Let us prepare you for the the latest ferocious release from CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Couture -- SAVAGE!!!

This provocative summer wear is not for the meek or faint of heart. The woman who adorns this style must be untamed, fierce, and bold.  She must posses the power of the jungle or amazement of the amazon.  Savage comes in five feral designs, bursting with color and power - Turquoise, Orange, Yellow, Fushia & Green.  

MISS V♛ KENYA Starline Igeria models SAVAGE in the vendor ads and advertisement.  Her exotic sexy embodies the perfect look and feel of this alluring design.

Each of the vibrant design includes tiger skin leg armor as well as tiger skin shoulder pieces.  Each can be worn with the tiger print attachments for a tribal rumble in the jungle or stalking the prey of your desire.  The colorful bikini can also be worn alone for a sexy raging look. Each color can be mixed and matched to create your own playful design or worn alone as is.  Either way, Savage is sure to catch the eye of all.

Savage in Orange.

The tiger head prims on the shoulder pieces look as if to come alive at any moment with a message to all....."Look out Tarzan...this is NOT your typical Jane"...Be Vibrant, Daring, Feral, Sexy, Ferocious, ....BE SAVAGE!!!!

Take the LM to CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Couture and add SAVAGE to your wardrobe today!

PS: No Tigers was harmful in the making of this blog :)
I adore Tigers, are my fav animals and never want them suffer to use their skins.

Styling card:
SLink Jolie Pied Pivoting foot
blackLiquid MAKEUP - ISIS orange
blackLiquid MAKEUP - african dream gloss
.:EMO-tions:. * WINDBLOWN III*/blonde
:: PM :: Animal Print Nails Brown
FINESMITH jungle fever necklace female
FINESMITH jungle fever necklace female add