I know always blog for girls, but is time for the sexyyyy guys ;)

Summer is in full force, the pool parties are poppin! the beach is a playground, and the boys of summer are hotter than the sun in CALOR - the latest design from CHAMPAGNE!sparkling couture. You have yet to see a sensational swimwear such as this.  

Each eye-catching bottom is complimented with a colorful band of an analogous color, as the drawstring bow ads the finishing detail. A matching shoulder towel with taurus print adorns your neck, perfect to wipe your brow and cool you down while you heat everyone around up in this latino style stunner!

Playing volleyball in the sand, enjoying a romantic sunset stroll , or walking on the beach  to show your sexy body, CALOR is the swimwear for any setting.

Mr. Didier Rascon shows off his sexy glistening abs in each color - Pink, Orange, Yellow, Purple & Turquoise. 
He is CALIENTE in every color of CALOR!!!!
Don't let another day pass before heating up summer in CALOR! Take the LM to CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Couture and get it today or to offer it to your hotman!

Your Limo to get the heat :)