Alli&Ali proposals for these week

Hi :) hope you all have a great weekend, posting a few more things today and done :)
The latest releases from Alli&Ali for the last week of february.

Here our landmark for the quick decided, directly into the entrance hall:

Voting presents (this is free and can be found by the voting wall in the hair section)

Group presents (on the info desk, make sure to activate group tag!)

For more presents check at the bottom of the notice! Big treasure hunt!!!

More 1 L Promo Specials On Marketplace ONLY:

More colors can be found on the Action Wall:
 (Make sure to wear Alli&Ali group title to get 50% money back from all purchases from the Action Wall!!!)

Alternative present and Action Wall location in case you can not get into the mainstore:

New MM board prizes! Various in rotation!

Come look where all the prizes are, at our new prize overview location in Long Beach:
(click the servers )

New big treasure hunt started with 28 prizes !

We are also parcitipating in the grid wide Valentines Hunt!
Date: 1st February and 1st March. 
More information in our mainstore on the info desk when you click the hunt sign or on the hunt blog here:
Our present for you will be this: 
We are in Inworldz too! Same avatars, same sim name, even a fan group to join for updates!