And more From Fashion Freaks Valentines Diva Hunt

More posts today, and will be maybe a few more hehe, need to work, will be away the weekend from blogging :)

More gorgeous, comfy, sexy, sweet things that you can find in the hunt.

*{ SeVered GarDeN }* Severed Cupid

He has sharp nails ... and a sweetheart 

.SweetAntidote. Sweaters in Pink & Red
Your Hint to .SweetAntidote
The higher you get, the deeper your heart can fall.

.::Havana Nights::. 
Painted Hoodie

Your Hint for :Havana Nights::. 
I Wear my heart on my sleeve!

Holli Pocket Love Me Top in Lilac
Atooly - VDH Pink Cozies
(3 different colors in the Pink Cozies)
Your Hint for Holli Pocket
My heart is an open book
Your Hint for Atooly
Take a drive around the store.

#Before Sleep# I've Got Heart
Your Hint to Before Sleep
My donkey has heart.

**Comfy Within** Furniture, home and garden
Swing, Pillow, Stool, Table, Gazebo
Your Hint to Comfy Within
This is the heart burns in the fire

More from the Diva Hunt, next week :)
Have fun hunting.