Entre Mares for Valentines...

Hi :), I was at Entre Mares Store, and I really was delighted looking all the gorgeous Designs from Sykao Adamski . 
Amazing use of textures, colors, outstanding designs, unique creations and the store is very chic, elegant, classy.
You will find 2 different Gowns for Valentine's, one is very romantic, sweet, soft pinks, light, elegant, is the Valentine in Pink
The other is more sexy, bright, chic, shows more skin and have a lot of flowers to keep it romantic too, 
is the Roxane

I also bought hair, loooove hairs, in the store you have a few nice options, are lovely, I can't resist :) and looks fab with the outfits, I'm wearing the :: Entre Mares Hair Brown

Take a look to Entre Mares, a lot of nice outfits, colors and designs for your special occasion.
Your Limo to Entre Mares