Vanity Lyra HUD, OMG!!!

I was one lucky girls who has the pleasure to take a look to the new Lyra Hud from A'VION Cosmetics, and believe me, I was OMG!, love it.
Just with a click you can change the color of your hair, eyelashes, nails, even shoes and jewels.
Have also an AO for modeling with a few default poses, but you can add yours too, like in ZHAO, very easy.
Is a great tool, perfect for models who always need to match colors and change very fast.
I was so happy when I saw the NC with the press release, they put my testimonial YAY :))) feeling so important hehe ;)

Press Release:
The Lyra Vanity HUD

The Lyra Vanity HUD is a state of the Art Cosmetics and Fashion accessory with optional fashion AO.  It combines mascara, hair dye, hair highlights, jewel tinting / nail painting and color matching features, taking your accessory colors, and flourishing them into hundreds of shades and hues.   The Fashion AO combines 8 customizable model poses, Runway mode, and ZHAO-II Animation Override.
▶  Key Features
    -    Slick and easy to use interface
    -    Mascara that tints all A’VION eyelash and script so you can
         tint any other eyelash you may have that is not Jet Black.
    -    Hair Dye that works with almost all Second Life Hair
    -    Hair Highlights that let you add highlights to strands of hair.
    -    Save money on Hair.
    -    Painting for Body Jewels, belts, Shoes or other accessories
    -    Color matching to blend between your accessories, matching Mascara to earrings ect.
    -    Specialized AO for Modeling and Photography. Fully Customizable.

You can see the older commerical for Rigel to get a feeling for the HUD at

"Wow!  I love everything about my new Vanity HUD by all works so easily!  Just drop the supplied script into any modifiable Hair, Jewerly or Shoes, wear you HUD and the color options become endless!  What a money and time saver  this product is for the Avi on the go!"
Katherine Comet  ~Kat~

"OMG this HUD is a dream come true.  Now we no longer have to have different lashes for different colours or not just lashes but hair or anything that is modifiable.  This is not only a huge help for my ever growing inventory, but it also means, once we edit our fav lashes, we can use it for very versatile styling without having to edit lashes after lashes. For me, that's a god send!"
Kay Fairey, BOSL

"This is by far the answer to all your modeling needs. The HUD was so easy to use by just following the instructions provided. The amount of things one can accomplish with this one HUD is amazing.  Customization has never been so easy...and the savings int he long run are great too. This is the next big thing in fashion and in SL :)))"
 Berris Lumino,Professional Model

"I love it, is a great tool for models, I ussually use a huddle for poses and a zhao for walks and default pose, this let me have both in one hud.
The dying hair part is amazing, colors can look so real or crazy all depends what we want and in a blink of an eye.
The lash is OMG, I hated use lashes in SL, for reasons that we all know ;), but with the hud in lashes is fantastic."
Lua Vendetta, Professional Model

"The Vanity HUD adds a million options to the hair, shoes and jewelry you already own.  The hair tint alone is worth the price; finally you can get your hair color just right for your complexion and outfit!  I love it."
Lulu Breuer

Ask a spokes model, or staff member for details,  and demonstrations in store.

I did this pics so you can see a little the HUD and how easy is to use:
In this one I'm using the AO, and a default model pose, but you can delete these ones and use your own.
(The HUD is attached down in the screen, but for some SL issues lol, in the pic is showed at the middle, but is not :)  )

Here is my original Hair color and the HUD opened before the palette is showed

Here the palette is open and you can choose any color and looks fantastic, if you want go back to original, just select white and done.

Hope you like it as much as I :)