News from Champagne

Hi :) a few new releases from your fav designers:

From the Sparkling Champagne:

DRAGEE is a gorgeous powdery steel blue cocktail dress new from CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion.  What is “dragee” you may ask?

The formal definition of dragée is a form of confectionery that can be used for decorative or symbolic purposes in addition to consumption.  Where we see these little decorative sugary balls are usually on wedding cakes, in silver or gold.  So why is this adorable cocktail dress named DRAGEE?  Read on.

This stunningly crafted mini-dress is sleeveless, with the bodice hugging you tightly and accentuating you in all the right places.  A large satin bow nestles against the small of this backless beauty as well.

On the front of the dress is the striking “dragee” – a myriad of embroidered brilliant diamonds in blues, pinks, and clear white that come down the center and wrap around your waist.  Small flower embellishments in pink and blue diamonds are also embroidered into the bodice of the dress.
Is DRAGEE is good enough to eat?  You be the judge!

Have fun accessorizing this sparkling “confectionary” delight and take it out on the town!
Take the landmark below to get DRAGEE!

Want to know a secret?  COURTISANE in Emeraude (shown below) will be on sale at half price for one week starting on Sunday, February 20!