More From Fashion Freaks Valentines Diva Hunt

Helloooooo, more cute designs to find in this amazing hunt.
Check my older posts to see other pics, hints and LM.
I want to thank all the amazing designers for kindly send me the items to blog them :) ty all.

Remember that the starting point is at the American Bazaar

Jealous Rage Valentines 2011
Dress, Hat, Bracelet & Boots

Yor Hint to Jealous Rage
Look into the light

 Snowpaws Valentine Diva Poppy Garden Dress

Your Hint for Snowpaws
We love it when u join in

Y&R, White Shirt and Dot Skirt
Hint for Y&R
 naughty bear has stolen my heart

Southern Charm B{SC} Passion's Valentine Bracelet &
"LoQ" Be My Valentine <3 Earrings
Your Hint to Southern Charm
High in the dark, flecks of alfalfa

Your Hint to "LoQ"
You're always in my head

* ^v^ The Death ^v^ * Timeless ( Black ) 
Your Hint for The Death
Prices aren't the only things getting slashed 

TVDH - Nemesis - Valentine diva dress
Your Hint to Nemesis
Sometimes, love is cruel.

More soon :)