More from The Valentine's Diva Hunt/Fashion Freaks Hunt 3

Helloooooooo, hope you all haved a grrrrreat weekend, finally the cold is a little away here, and more sunny days :)
Thank you all for visit my blog and thank you to the new followers :), means a lot having you all here supporting my blog :)

Now back to work, showing you more nice designs that you will find at the hunt.
Tania in Pink Dress
Your Hint for DK
KIO will help you to find it!

.:FBC:. Fabienne Bolissima Couture .:FB:
Sogni D'oro Dress
Your Hint for FBC
Step back from a Golden Girl

Bombshell Outfitters
Drop Side Pants & Strings Top in Purple
Your Hint for Bombshell
Sometimes you have to take the longest Way to find your Heart...

.::Delicious::. Moonlight Amour Dress
Your Hint for .:DELICIOUS:. Designs
"Let these vines wrap around your heart."

Digital Eyes * Animated Fan Ribbons Black/Red
22769 Valentines Hunt Gift
Sculpted Skirt with Belt, Top & Jacket
Your Hint For Digital Eyes
You'll have my heart if you want to stay updated

Your Hint for 22769 ~ casual couture

"I should be potted but they dropped me before"

More soon, stay tuned  :)