75% off in {*Aglaia*} @ Maritima Mall

Hiya! Yes you read well, 75% off in the Jewels at {*Aglaia*}, I was there and buy 6 sets lol, 5 for 50L each and 1 for 1L, cool!!!

On the 28th will be hosted the grand opening event and {*Aglaia*} is having a huge 75% off offer until the morning after the grand opening. This is ONLY available at Maritima not the main store.

{*Aglaia*} will also be having a style challenge on the Maritima catwalk, hopefully in September wich will consist of brand new releases.
{*Aglaia*} Animated Sparkle Mask

{*Aglaia*} Diamond Shawl with Mya Earrings

Take your Limo NOW ;)