Almost FREE (lol 1L$) Silk Robe

If you are a part of Avenue Mag Readers or have a group left and want to join in, you can have this Robe from Designing Nicky Ree at Couture AVENUE, you have a joiner near the gifts, easy :)

She set out a special gift for you this week, something for the ladies and men too...
Think romance in a royal colour fit for a queen or a king in the bedroom or even double it as a top or dress.  Exquisite quality and elegantly classy.

I never think to buy or get a Robe in SL, but this one is a must have, is so pampering wear it, and is Purple my Fav color :) The same model is avaliable for you sweetie, so take the Limo and go to get it NOW ;)