Revealed Secret of the Day ;)

Maybe a lot of you know this, but maybe a lot like me don't,lol,
so there you go.
A few days ago I attend a casting, and they want that we use a Mannequin Skin, I was like ??? lol, and I don't want to IM the Designer because maybe she will think: oh, if she is a model why she don't know were to find a Mannequin Skin?, lol, so, I asked to Lulu Breuer, from Fashion Institute because I remember she told something about that, and she was a sweet and sent me a LM to get it,
 and guess what? is FREE YAY!!!

< Yabusaka > Mannequin Skin (Black)
Jewels by FineSmith

So, models if you need a Mannequin Skin, here you can grab it at the Second Floor: