AVION FS @ Maritima and News/Freebies from the Stores

Tomorrow (Saturday 28th, 2010) at 6:00p.m. SLT will be the AVION Fashion Show at Maritima to show the revolutionary Vanity Hud which allows you alter not only Vanity eyelashes but also allows alterations of any modifiable  Hair, Shoes and Jewellery located in your inventory. 
Have to see it to beleive it ;) so do NOT Miss it!!!

The following models selected from the upcoming Vanity promotional tour have kindly agreed to demonstrate and showcase the products from Avion Beauty and Cosmetics

Anabella Ravinelli 
Bety dudek 
RhiannaLynn Lane 
Louise McWinnie 
Perla Rae 
Scarlett Loxingly 
Katherine Comet 
Lulu Breuer 

This is your Limo for the Fashion Show

The Avion store can be can be located at the following location

Freebies and promotional sales

As a promotional offer Aurore Tremont of Autre will be providing a free gift to mark the official opening Maritima with her first Gown as she continues to make preparations for the BCA charity, which will be available to collect when the show starts at 6pm .

Phoenix Piek of Agalia has kindly reduced the jewellery prices of all items in Maritima to 75% off the orginal value.

Chirzaka Vlodovic of Lode has created a new hat ( her 3rd ) in commeration for the opening of Maritima and will be selling her 3 items at a promotional rate

Fleur Orchid designer and custom skin maker  will be creating 2 new free skins as Gifts to mark the opening courtesy of her label The Powder Room

In conjunction other designers in the various shops located at Maritima have all put promotional items and free gifts within their various stores 

Take a look to all the Mall and don't miss the Avion Fashion Show.
Check my old Posts to see pics and infos about some of these offers.