Free Skin & Tatoo just TODAY at [ sYs ] Design

Ok I can't stop, I love to Blog, and more news I receive more blogs will be.
Like this one about Free Skin & Tatoo just TODAY at [ sYs ] Design

Visit the store to see unique
[Skins realistic : natural, sophisticated, futuristic]
[Tattoo] [Cyber Tattoo] [Eyes]
[Clothes : black, latex, leather, cyber, bodysuit, catsuit, ...]
[Accessories : sunglasses, armbands, leg bag, ...]

Is amazing how SL is different since I joined almost 3 years ago, and the changes that fashion did, now people use a looot more their imagination thanks to the sculpties, more textures and you can see amazing designers all around, the older ones are pioneers in the fashion industry and the new ones are taking place and name in the industry very fast.

In the pic I' wearing the [sYs] Skin - Fete des voisins and the [sYs] Tattoo - Fete des Voisins
The Hair is from Bliss Couture *Bliss Hair* Eliza Hair (Short With Fringe)