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Sand Confessions is my new segment, lol no idea why I called it Sand confessions, but I did my first interview and was at my home at the beach in the sand, so was the first thing that comes to my mind :D
This is my first interview for my Blog that I started in July and i really enjoy it a lot.
A good friend of mine, emanuelle :) (she is a sweet girl and always try to help) gives me the idea to make this interview, when she told me I was like huuuuu??? Me? interview a Top Model with my bad english? I'm so nervous doing this :)!!!

She is an icon in the Modeling Industry, trained at:
 AVENUE models Academy, December 2008
SuperElite Academy Elite Class, March 2009.
She is a Model for Bliss Couture & Gems & Kisses
She is very professional and so kind, that I'm feeling very comfy doing the interview, so here we go :), there is my firts interview with:

Chirzaka Vlodovic, Miss Latvia 2010
LV: is a pleasure meeting you and an honor having you at my home in this little set that I prepared for the interview. I hope I'll do it ok, is my first time and no idea what to do :)
CV: oh, thank you :) it's a nice place you have

LV: I'm pretty new at modeling, just started in March, and people think that modeling is easy, a lot of tell me is just move arrows for walk and nice shape and skin, but is not, is more than that and you better than me know that for your expereince, can you tell me a little about this, how you start in this hard but amazing world and why?
CV: At the very beginning I was like little wanderer, just looking around places and understanding what is second life, I didn't know what second life is all about. Of course, I didn't know what is modeling here and what it involves. After six months exploring, I started to notice magazines with models and printads. And this blew my mind away. I started to look for an agency to become a model. Training comes first. After that, I spent some time learning and understanding what is model walk, poses etc...Meanwhile the other important thing for a model is editing prims. I attended some free building lessons, which could be found under search/events/education, and what is script
LV: Smart lady :), not all the models think on do that is a good Tip.
CV: So step by step, I was investigating everything by myself, looking for stores, attending fashion shows, reading blogs, magazines, and one of important things is to take part in contests, it really gives experience
LV: a lot, even if you not win always is a good practice and people see you and can recognize you
CV: At the begining, there was no success but every time you learn something from others, it's just enough to see and analyze, even though, it's almost two years of modeling, i feel there are thing to learn, and it's not like you ever can reach the top.

LV: You was MISS LATVIA 2010 for MVW, tell me a about this, how was your selection? Why you choosed Latvia?
CV: MVW is almost every model's dream in second life, so it was mine too. Basicaly it's the best school for model to learn, how to style, compete, express yourself, at the same time it learns you to be simple, to be sincere to other people , willing to help and share experience!
I chose Miss Latvia tag for simple reason, because I am originaly from Latvia and I live in Latvia, very small North Eastern European Country, green and quiet :)
However, choosing country gives you just bigger number of fans, I mean, if you choose uk or usa, you have the biggest crowd of followers, but it doesn't affect the choice of judges, so you can be represented by any country :) and choose nice national costume for finale, so generally, training at modeling academies and working in agencies gives very good basement for MVW, and becoming MVW gives you the real experience, it's priceless :)
LV: I read that you like to help others in SL, when you have time for this and what you like to do to help them?
CV: I like to help others with understanding what is modeling. However, most of all I like to help individually. I mean, if there is just model and me. It means i can devote 100% of my time to one certain model and she gets all attention.
However, i must be honest and admit that lately i haven't had much time to find new models and teach them something new! :) I have started hat desining wich takes pretty much of my time.

LV: What you think are your special features that makes you different and a great model in SL?
CV: I find myself very hard working, always ready to listen to critics and good advices. I have my own style which i always keep very simple but elegant at the same time. Besides I love to keep thing in balance and harmony in everything, which makes me different. I know when to stop and say "no" to some things. Regarding to my look, the thing that makes me different is my style.

LV: You have a little more than 2 years in SL, you think that Fashion and Modeling has changed a lot since you started?
CV:Basic things are the same. However, we are more technically advanced now than two years ago. Posing has become more advanced. We have huds but before we switched poses manualy. We have different comunicators and many other things which helps us to take a good show. and years ago , modeling industry was not so big as it is now. Sometimes I have a feeling it has gone out of control to hold a good show :)

LV: Your best day at modeling or your worst day or funny story from any event?
CV: All days when I got invited to agency groups and mvw had been my best days. Worst days luckily haven't been many. I think my day is bad if I don't rezz in the show and can't go out to show my outfit, or even worse, If SL has disabled logins or there are issues with internet connection and there is not possiblity to log in.

LV: I feel so down some days, when I go to a Casting and I'm not get in, feel like I want to quit, but this is not an option, I'm here and I want to be a Top Model, you feelt that in your begginings? and what is your advice for a new model like me when this happens?
CV: Yes, this feeling is common to me. It is absolutely normal if you feel like this. However it should motive you to do better next time. The most important is to understand what you did wrong, however, you should understand that being top model not always would provide first places in shows and contests, because of simple reason, designers are different, agency CEO's are different and they all have different tastes. The essential is to keep your style and polish it till it's perfect.
The feeling of quiting the modeling will go away after few successes :) just wait for it and work constanty until you get them.

LV: I also know that you do cute lovely nice Hats, tell me about this :)
CV:I have just started and there are just couple of hats now for sell. I am happy for single word that customer says to me about them and it really drives me to make more. Nevertheless, i am always opened to advices and new ideas.
LV:and why hats?
CV: Good question, I like to play with accessories and wearing them it's how I can make a nice day for myself. So the idea came when i made a Lime hat for Kungler's gown and my picture won the contest. I was happy as elephant :) and i said to myself: I can do the same for others!
LV: Nice,accesories are great and an important part of the outfit.
CV: sometimes they play the main role :), however, never should be too many.
I'm wearing the *LODE* Hat - Pond that Chirza gives to me, love it :)
CV: you are doing great with your first ever interview , btw:)
LV: tyyyyy :) and you rocks :)
CV: yay
LV: Thank you so much Chirza for giving me the opportunity to interview you, I know that your days are full and you kindly take your time to be with me, to finish, you want to say something for all the models or the ones who think in be one?
CV: yes, for new models :) I wish to you and to all other ladies love for fashion!
Ok, that's it, I did it YAY! I think that for be the first one was good, and sorry if I or Chirza have a little troubles with our english, lol, but we tryed to do our best.
Thank you again Chirza and wishing you the best luck in your SL in all that you do you deserve it.
Thanx you all for take your time to read my blog.
Lua ;)
There is your Limo to her store


  1. oh Lua you show a new Talent (gift)!
    It's not often to cross people able to make the others talking.
    Congrats or this Sand Confessions :-)

  2. Ty Mes :) Yes is a new talent lol I never imagine myself making an interview, but was so great an Chirza is a sweet girl, was easy to do it with her :)


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