RUN!!! or better sayd TP!!!

SL have so many talented designers, is hard to know them all and visit all the stores.
Today I was at MiaMai Store and I loved the clothes there. When I suscribed to the Update group, guess what?  got a niiiice Welcome Dress.
But, that not was all, every friday at 12:00 am SLT a fix group of designers will place an item marked down to 50 L$ infront of their mainstores! 

Miamai has 2 items out, a lovely dress and 6 modelling poses for 50L each!
In both pics I'm using the poses that I get, is a great deal so go and take advantage of this offer
I really like the quality of both outfits, the white one is like a little cupcake, love it!
Use this link to get there, the 50L sales are out, infront the store, the suscriber is inside.