CWS Moda Di Roma FS

I have to start 2 post today with the same intro and I have an important reason for that :)
Thank's to LL TP's exists lol! and I can be at the 2 shows in just seconds lol, don't want to miss both shows because they was amazing and the people who organized and modeled are professionals and a lot are very good friends and is important for me in my SL and in my new modeling career and like blogger.

Amazing Show with the talented Models from CWS showing the gorgeous designs of Iwan Balog from Moda Di Roma.  The outfits have so much details, the silks, fabrics, tatoos, jewels all recreated perfectly the Mitology God & Goddes.
The Lag was soooo bad yesterday but the girls can deal with it very well.
The winner models for the Youtube Video was:

Ruby Brunsen
Lua Vendetta, 
VeronicaLynn  Parx

Yes! me too was a surprise not expected that but I'm so happy, those details make us feeling better like models and think in NOT quit when sometimes we are not get in a casting :)
You can check my pic at Mes Blog, she took a great pic, I can't I have to pose and no stop.
Take a look to the outfits, for guys are great ones too b ut can't take a pic :(,
so go to the store and check it :)
This one is backstage, lag was grrrrr and the models not load well just then lol
The Models: Brooklin, Taby, Lisana & Mesange :)

You can Visit Moda Di Roma store at CWS clicking this link