HOUSE of FOX FS at Maritima

Thank's to  LL TP's exists lol! and I can be at the 2 shows in just seconds lol, don't want to miss both shows because they was amazing and the people who organized and modeled are professionals and a lot are very good friends and is important for me in my SL and in my new modeling career and like blogger.

Again the lag was a mess, but the Models was very professionals and can deal with it, bad for me, can't take a lot of pics because they not rezzing well, but was a great event, a lot of people and HOF have unique designs.

Here you have an intro of the show and a few pics:

"We are delighted to have you all here this afternoon, for our Lingerie and Undergarments Fashion Show, organized by Mr. Fashionboi Lander, Miss Jared Jharls, Miss Stevenzuuh GossipGirl, designers/owners of the House of Fox, with poses from Miss Arisia Ashmoot, Pose-Maker/owner of Body Talking, and models from Marítima Inc., scripts by Nico Iasmertz (Marítima Inc. CEO) and Louise McWinnie (Marítima Inc. Blogger/Model).

With hours of commitment and hard work poured in, we are honored to present you with amazing designs from the House of Fox and poses from Body Talking, featuring modern Avant-Garde ensembles that are sexy, daring, bold, innovative and refreshing.
House of Fox brings us into a world of grayscale yet amazing style and detail, holding class and sensuality at the forefront of every design. We are honored to present their amazing designs today here at Marítima Inc. Fashion Mall, SL's first Avant-Garde/Futuristic shopping mall.

House of Fox store is located in Marítima mall, on 1st level, at 
Body Talking is located at Marítima Mall on 2nd level. Please visit her main store for a wider range of poses at