[BedlaM] OZSTARZ "RETRO" Hi-top sneakers

Hi :) tomorrow back to the routine again, hope you haved a great time these days.

Since sculpted foots exists in SL I can't live without them, I love the high heels with sculpted feet, but, sometimes, and is a lot of times hehe, I want to use sneakers, like in RL, when we modeling, or want to be sexy and elegant, we use a lot of heels, but when we back to home we just want to take the out and be comfy, or when you go to shopping, or even dancing you can use a great pair of sneakers, and why not try these ones from [BedlaM], made by Seatyn Magic, the OZSTARZ "RETRO".

Are fun to wear and use, and comes with a great HUD to resize them, change the texture of the tattoo, colors of rings, lace, boot, sole, trim, toe and have soooo many options that never ends, just mix&match it to your outfit and done.

Fully sculpted  boots (All custom textures!)
HUD operated for maximum options.

Custom features on side of boots (there are 12) are colour change.
The boot itself, the sole, toe, trim and rings are all colour change.
All of this via a HUD. Including RESIZE so very low lag.

So many options!!
There are literally 1000's of boots in one!

Check out at the main store! or on MARKETPLACE
you can use this link

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