Fashion Freaks Mix&Match Hunt (5)

And a few more pics, hurryyyyy have time yet to find them ;)

AT Design; Dress
SIGMA Jewels/ Orbit diamond earrings

#56 SIGMA Jewels
Hint: Lotusbud earrings

#117 AT design
Hint: look at the shelf

AstonisHD - Orasha

#10 AstonisHD
Hint: Please hang your sweaters in the closet.
Hint: Care for a shimmering manicure ?

[Jojo's] Paisley Batik Dress

#114 Jojo's
Hint: Almost ruffled

 LinK Designs Spring

#71 LinK Designs
Hint: Sigh, always folding clothes perfectly. This damn closet is too big.

HOX Mini Dress

34 House of Xevion
Stand in the corner and look pretty