Le Petit Details Latest releases

LPD is one of my fav stores, since I did a Fashion Show for her, I just fell in love.
The designs are cuuute, fresh, young, fun to wear, tottally mix&match and love the different colors that you can use and combine, and the owner, Nevery Lorakeet , is one of the sweetest girls ever :)

Take a look to a few of the latest releases:

Perfect for the Spring that finallllyyyy arrived :)
Different Bags, Hippies shoes in different colors and nail paints,
Spring Dress in Green, Pink, Blue, all is sooo cuteeee.

*LpD* Skins - *Mela* Green
*LpD* - *Mrs. Spring* Dress in Green Tones
*LpD* - *Hippy* Shoes Pearl - Natural Nails
*Les Petits Details* -  Flowers Bag

Just looove this skirt,
*LpD* - *Like a Bride* Skirt Eglish Rose
also in White and Ecru.
*LpD* Skins - *Mela* Blue
*LpD* - *Philosophy* Top Turquoise
also in White, Green, Pink
*LpD* - *Marie* Pump Sugar
Also in Ash, Cherry, Coconut, Mint, Night and Strawberry

Elegant and chic is this combination:
*LpD* - *Like a Bride* Skirt Ecru
*LpD* - *Marie* Pump Cherry
*LpD* - *Philosophy* Top Pink
*LpD* - *Romantica* Hat Group Gift

A casual shopping Look
*LPD* - *Velvet Goldmine* Pants Red
*LpD* - *Marie* Pump CocoNut - Red Bow
*LpD* Skins - *Mela* Yellow
*LpD* - *Philosophy* Top Turquoise
*Les Petits Details* -  Stripes Bag

Limo's to LPD


  1. Love how you created these outfit! Thanks very very Much! :*

  2. Tyyyyy Nevery, is not hard make amazing combinations with your gorgeous designs :)))), thank you for your comment.
    Hugssssss :))))


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