Friday, April 22, 2011

Fashion Freaks M&MH (6)

Hiii, Good Friday all celebrates in different ways, but if you want hunt ;) still have today and tomorrow to hunt @ the Fashion Freaks Mix&Match.

This is the last post for this hunt, check what else you'll find :)

[ Attitudes ] Lourmel  - Pink (special set)
[Sassy Kitty Designs] Boho Daisy Dress Pink

#102 Attitudes Lingerie
Hint: It's logical to find a flower item near a flower-named collection.

#38 Sassy Kitty Designs
Hint: Pretty flower on the dresser...

DreamScape Set

#44 Dreamscape
Hint: You don't have to walk up these to find me. :)

SOPHIA Diamond corset - Mauve
Hint: I want to be a super model

Hint: "Hurry UP, it's HIGH time you found that flower! Get BACK to work. "

{DD} LaTonya (Pink)
~Sassy!~ Blossom dress
#86 Sassy!
Hint: If a window of opportunity appears, don't pull down the shades.

#66 Dawn Design
Hint: Among the Purple Roses You will find me!

~Simply~ Country Girl
Sweet Antidote - Spring Time
#49 .Sweet Antidote.
Hint: Ooooh! Discounted!!

#67 ~Simply~
Hint: Please check in store hint giver

[ bubble ] Suede Set
IC(ILLY Creations)

#39 Illicit Designs
Hint: Can you find this DEVIOUS flower?

#64 [ bubble ]
Hint: So many group gifts!

 G-series*Longsleeve Penny
#16 G-series*
Hint: Follow the shaft..

#89 artMEfashion
Hint: Look up, look down-, its spinning aroun'. Also lights up the sky, but you can't walk by

That's all from this Hunt :)

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