Unique Skins

Hi :) Happy Easter!!!

One of the things that we always want to have in SL is quality Skins, almost all of us first chooses the skin, hair and then the outfits, the skin and the shape is your image in SL, is the way to be recognized, like in RL.

Today I'll show you an amazing skin creator, Nany Merlin, one of the best Skin Creators in SL, is hard to find quality skins, with details and realistic features, but in Unique you will find them.  In my inventory I have a looot of skins, but really I just use 3 or 4, and Unique is one of them, because fits well my shape and have a lot of variations to choose, and fits almost all of my shoes lol, no need to change colors :)), but of course all depends of your skin tone.
Also you can check at Unique the great Shapes that iarita beck creates, and of course the will made to fit perfect with the skins.

Artemis Pale 01

Artemis Pale 02 & 
Artemis 02 with Sexy Breasts

Artemis Pale 04

Artemis Pale 06 with Sexy Breasts

Artemis Pale 12 (hairbase/openlips)
Artemis Shape (by iarita beck)
Artemis Pale Natural Eyes 4 Blue

Take a look to the latest releases in Unique and all the great offers that they have for you.

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