Le Petits Détails New Releases & Sale

Like always I just love LpD outfits, cute, fun, different and so well done, just makes me happy wear them and mix&match all the different options of clothes, shoes, skins, jewels, makeups, eyelashes, bag, and alllllll!!!

Today I showing you the latest ones that Nevery created:

*LPD* Skins - Virginia Natural
*LpD* Special Gifts - *The Glass Marbles* Necklace Bubblegum (Older Group Gift)
*LpD* - Buckskin Bag Beige
New Release:
*LpD* - *Boho* Boots Gary and Light Brown
*LpD* - *Dalia* Dress Blue Tones

*LpD* - *Boho* Boots Gray

*LpD* - *Marie* Pump Ash
*LPD* - *Petal* Dress Emerald (Dress Prim - No Glow)
*LPD* Skins - Virginia Natural
*LpD* - *Life in Leaves* Earring Brown

*LpD* - *Life in Leaves* Earring Brown
*LPD* Skins - Virginia Blue
*LpD* - *Marie* Pump Sugar - Red Bow 
*LPD* - *Petal* Dress Ocean (Dress Prim - Glow)

on SALE Items:
These items will be sold for L.70 by April 25th untill May 1tst
and they wont be available after this period!

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