Fashion Freaks M&MH (3)

I'll be a little away from SL for a few days, little family vacations, so now blogging like crazy :)

More, more, more fron the Fashion Freaks Hunt :)

.::HN::. Spring Dress
:::UW::: Vintage Flats - Multitexture
MAGNIFIQUE Poses - Model Pose 1
#54 .::Havana Nights::.
Hint: You will find it on an empty shelf.

(FIERCE DESIGNS) Bunneh love
MAGNIFIQUE Poses - Model Pose 4
#121 Fierce Designs
Hint: Tell your fortune?
[White~Widow - Face Tattoo] Spring
*Fatal*VIRUS Spring Roses Dress
MAGNIFIQUE Poses - Model Pose 5

"50 White Widow
Hint: "If you want to have a wonderful Spring, look for miss Puhi"

Chichi of London, Bonita Signature Dress Double Pack
MAGNIFIQUE Poses - Model Pose 2
#107 Chichi of London
Hint: The Avengers

- Nemesis - April dress
PsyChoTroPia - Pumps
{SC} Cora's Bina Dina Lime and Midnight Bracelet
#7 Nemesis
Hint:  If you discover the pilot, you will find what you're looking for.
#36 Southern Charm
Hint: To Infinite....and beyond!
#142 PsychoTroPia
Hint: I wish i had some good paintings for these frames...