WOW!!! Amazing this new design from Enzo Champagne, and I'm sooo excited with this because I'm from Venezuela and he designed this gorgeous gown to honor the Venezuelan beauty.


Ladies, if you are looking for Venezuelan flavor with a taste of mythological folklore to enhance your wardrobe, CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion is very pleased to present the new VENEZUELA GUAJIRA!

  This authentic regional costume was designed for Miss Venezuela in the Miss America Latina competition and its origin of design lies in the La Guajira which is an area in the northwest of Venezuela inhabited by natives of the ethnic Wayuu who, unlike many other indigenous groups in South America, have managed to maintain their language, customs, and cultural manifestations, while internalizing many European practices.

 The amazing pattern in this stunning gown is based on the appearance of a mythological character called Walekerü, meaning “spider.”  This spider is said to have produced a special yarn from the liquid secreted from its mouth when weaving its web.  The woven, intricate pattern surrounds the lower part of the gown, is prominently displayed on the bodice, back, and shoulders, and appears also in the full flowing bell sleeves.  Bright yellow flowers on the front of the gown give a lovely contrast.  Also included is a pompoms necklace accessory and matching bracelets for each wrist!

 The power, hopes, and virtues that this clan considers valuable are expressed in the brilliant and vibrant yellow pompoms and orange and white feathers which are displayed in the headdress and in the “totem” or walking stick accessory.  Additional yellow pompoms flow from the headdress down the back of the neck for a very feminine touch.

 Ladies, this amazing tribute to the heritage and customs of the Wayuu clan is not only unique, but we venture to say you will not see anything like this in SL fashion to date.

Your Limo 

 You will truly be a Wayuu Queen in VENEZUELA GUAJIRA!  Make it your own now at CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion.

Enzo Champagne
for a glittering life!

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