55L Thursday Sales for today

Hiya, again the 55L sale is on, from 7:00 am to 7:00am, you have 24h to get them all :)
Look for the Fifty 5 thursday subscriber to find the item in every participant store.
Today I get this from the great designers, thank you to all who kindly sent me the items.
From Finesmith I have this lovely necklace and bracelet named HearAttack, all in Silver tones
with the delicate and elegant touch of yula finesmith. Love her jewels.
Great thing about yula designs, they are lag free YAY! 
and the pieces are mod so you can match them to your outfit.
Your Limo to her store to buy the set for 55L, and check all her collection too.

From CoCo I received 2 shapes, 
in the upper pic you can see the Moira style, 
both shapes comes in 2 versions, mod&copy, and transfer,
so you can modify it to your taste or outfit.
The one below is the Zalyn, I used like she gave it to me, so you can see the shape.
The Limo for her store to buy them for 55L and not the regular price
In the Upper pic I having the Gidgette Hair in Sand from Alli&Alli is a very fresh young style.
The pic below is the Adi Coconut, great for the beach to use with a bikini if you like.
Your Limo to Alli&Alli Designs to get this cool and different styles of hairs

Here I'm wearing the Snake Necklace from Eden Bevelry Jewelry, is a golden Snake wrapped around the neck with 2 little ruby stones in the eyes, love it and the Golden watch Diva Girl is made in pure Gold & Diamonds.
And the Elegant OronXII watch for ladies
Your Limo to Eden's Store

That's it for today, soo sleepy my SL was great but a lot of work :)
Hugsy and more news tomorrow.