FASHION RoCkS @ Filipa Couture

Wow! was a greeeeat show, at least for me lol :), no really, yesterday I worked for Filipa Thespian in her store for the Fashion Rocks Tour, was a very different Fashion Show for me I really enjoy it, because we was instore models, in a nice catwalk, but also have a stage were CraigLyons Writer perfomed his sweet songs, he have a soft voice, plays guitar so well, you can feel him like he really are there singing for you :)
The show was 20 minutes, and we want more , but he have to go to sing in other places too.  He is an Award winning singer/songwriter in Los Angeles, CA & Environmental activist.
I love the fact that his Avi is almost like him in RL :)

He is now perfoming for the FASHION ROCKS Series 9/4-10/16: Concert tour & Hunt through 30 TOP SL designers, started on Saturday 4th September with a glittering party at the ‘BOSL Radio’ lounge, Craig will kick off a 6 week series of live music and video performances at over 30 fashion stores and glamorous destinations.
At each location, there will be a treasure hunt while the show is streaming and you will be able to find free gifts from some of SL’s top designers. Participants will have to follow the ‘Fashion Rocks’ group on to discover the secret locations and clues each week and to find out who the winners of some very special prizes will be too!
BOSL Radio and Metaverse TV will also be streaming live shows during the 6 week event, so make sure you tune in for all the latest news plus follow Craig’s real life web pages for updates on his music.
Follow this link to see his RL perfomances, I really enjoy them :)
Also can see him in SL
I loved Filipa's Couture Outfits, this is the one that I modeled, very sexy, love the textures, is the Filipa's Glittering Dream - Navy, have another nice colors too.
This one is very, very sexy, Burning Desire in Black
This is Larise, in Lime, is a very light and Fresh cute Dress, you have the option of 2 lenghst of skirt, depends of what you like to wear, and a lot of colors to choose.

Visit Filipa/La Kara today to see the latest couture fashions and roleplay attire for environments like Egypt, Persia, Gorean and more.  See below about ongoing specials, freebies and contests!!!
  *Filipa Couture fashions are found on the 1st floor.
*La Kara Roleplay Attire is upstairs, stairs on either side just past first room.
  - TWO Midnight Madness Contest Boards (2 chances to win yay)
  - Get paid to put our location in your profile pics!
  - 10% Repeat Customer Discounts on EVERYTHING in the store (just wear your "Someone Entertain Me!" group tag)
  - Contests!

This is very nice for Autumn season, and the name say it :)
Filipa's Delicate Autumn - Falling Leaves
Filipa is a very sweet girl, I really enjoy the time at the event, was a lot of people around, so here is your Limo for Filipa's Store

Saty tuned because the Fashion Rocks Event is still in the air :)
Have a great rest of weekend and more news soon ;)