George & Gracie

I needed a little my time, and not work, modeling, work, modeling, bla bla :), so I search in events what they offer and I found a nice place to go at The Star Trek Museum.

"The original George and Gracie were a pair of Humpback whales that wandered into San Francisco Bay as calves, and were brought to the Cetacean Institute in Sausalito. By 1986, they had become fully grown, each weighing 45,000 pounds. However, that year it was decided that they had to be released back into the wild because the Institute no longer had the money to feed them their two-ton requirement of shrimp per day. "
Read about real life whale & dolphins conservation, get a free whale toy that is so cute :) and FREE SCUBA GEAR with a freestyle animation.
I enjoy it a lot and I go with 2 of my best friends and we haved a good time, swiming, taking pics and learning a little more about this amazing creatures.

Was fun when I saw the Squid, I love te animation that have, is very realistic, and I wait, and wait to the tint, and never can take a good pic, and when I give up, happened, lol, take a look
You can see a documental, read NC with info about the conservation of whales and how you can help, is a nice place to go we really enjoy it.

There is your boat to get there ;)