FaShIoN FrEaKs' HunT 2 MooRe HinTs

Hiyaaa, hope you all Hunting, if not goooo and see what you miss if not make these fantastic Hunt.
I'm not posting all the pics from all the great things that I received from the designers of the Hunt, they ROCKS!, because if I do that, you'll not see everyday what you find or not in the hunt, hehe, soooo, see the blog daily and get what you missed.
This Dress is from autre and for me is like a cupcake, hehe, is cute, fresh, fun :)

In RL and in SL I loooove this kind of necklace, is soooo elegant, with the glamourous touch that only Diamonds can add, with this Jewel from Finesmith, you not need any other accesorie, is the center of attention, even can go naked lol :)

This is soooo FUN, you not only get the outfit from Boof, includes all that you see here, you also get the stage that have a dance animation, just jump on it and Have a lot of fun with it :) And for the guys too, comes a male version.

Will be more News, have fun Hunting :)