Angel Styling Event @ CWS

OMG! finally I did it lol :)
Last week I saw that today will be a styling event and the theme will be Angel and I got a NC from a store with new releases and was angelik ones, so I TP like crazy to the store and I see all the lovely outfits that they have there, and I bought **Angelwing** White Tahlia set to use it at the event for 200L, I think is a good price for all that the set includes: Wings, Top, Skirt, Hair decoration, Jewels for arms, legs, necklace, earrings, shoulder detail.
After I bought the outfit, I realized that they have a lovely Freebie, of course I get it too:

And includes: Shape, Skin, Wings, Jewels, Skirt, Top, Leg&Arm Bands.
(I used for the pic my skin & shape)
But for the event I mix&match both outfits, and I get these result:
And I won 1st. Place YAY!!!
Because of the outfit, poses, walk & description.
And here we are:
Ntan, Lua (me lol) and Svea
3rd. place, 1st. place & 2nd. place
Thank you all for choosing us and congrats to all the girls, 
was a nice event.

If you like can take the Limo to see AngelWing Store,
 lovely and quality products


  1. Congrats Lua, it was not easy as you were almost all very good. Hard too to be impartial with friends but you did the job :-)

  2. Ty Mes, I know judging is hard, and more if we are all friends and all the girls are so creative, so always is hard but fun to do it and give us more experience :)


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